EDP4130 – Task 1

Hi All,

I am back to using wordpress! This time for something a little different. I will be using this page for my EDP413 Project. Here, I will upload progress details and reflect on each stage as it happens. This blog will be used as my main sharing method so feel free to comment and provide any feedback you wish 🙂

Where am I at so far?
I have chosen my two content descriptions and I have submitted task 1.

The content descriptions and resources I have chosen to create are:

Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding (Creating a Weebly)
Investigate the role of food preparation in maintaining good health and the importance of food safety and hygiene (ACTDEK022)

  • using current food guides and government-endorsed food policies to plan food choices

Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills (Using Scoop.it)
Collect, explore and sort data, and use digital systems to present the data creatively (ACTDIP003)

  • using digital systems to organise data to improve meaning, for example using word processing software to create a list of tasks or visualisation software to create a mind map (diagram) showing relationships between characters in a story
  • using common software to present data creatively, for example as a slideshow, movie, sounds, image, chart, word art, poster or drawing

Personal network benefits!

Thanks to having a flick through some other students blogs last night, I came across this great resource Emodo on ZeahLane’s blog. It is so great to have a good network of peers to share with and to learn about new resources that will be more than useful as beginning teachers.

Emodo is a great resource from what I can see. I made my own account last night and had a look. You are able to create a teacher or student account and it is a great resource sharing site. I would definietly suggest having a look!



I have been reading lots about pedagogical content knowledge in order to familiarise myself with it’s meaning. I have shared some articles on diigo that are interesting and provide a great summary of PCK. This website provides an easy to read definition and I would definitely suggest having a look!

Assignment Two


Learning Area: English

Year Level: 3

Unit Length: 5 Weeks

Context: Co-educational primary school on the North Side of Brisbane.

Learning Objectives (from Australian Curriculum):

Text Structure and organization
Learn extended and technical vocabulary and ways of expressing opinion including modal verbs and adverbs (ACELA1484)

Expressing and developing ideas
Understand how different types of texts vary in use of language choices, depending on their purpose and context (for example, tense and types of sentences) (ACELA1478)

Creating texts:
Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features and selecting print, and multimodal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose (ACELY1682)



Text Structures:

Considered explanation of how text structures are used for different purposes

Language Features:

Considered explanation of how language features, images and vocabulary are used for different purposes and effects



Text Structures:

Considered use of text structures for different purposes and audiences

Language Features:

Considered use of a variety of textual and language features for different purposes and audiences:

• written features

• spoken/signed features

• non-verbal features

• visual features

Welcome to week FIVE!

Week five has been hectic so far, we are getting closer to submitting assignment two and the work load is picking up again!

Reflecting on my progress with the course so far I think it is safe to say that I started off so well with all the different ICT’s I have learned about and as it got closer to working on a number of assignments I let think slip slightly and I can definitely see the effect this has had. I have now got back into using Diigo (for this and other subjects) and I can see how much easier this has made working on assignment two. I have also been reading other students posts more and remaining engaged in providing feedback. Fellow student Tracey reflects on the importance of balance in her blog. This is so so important! THANKS for the reminder that balance is the perfect answer to so many things.

Time to continue the work on assignment two!


Reflecting on week four

After reflecting on week four it is safe to say that I had great difficulty choosing the assessment criteria for the assignment. I still don’t know if I am on the right track. I chose to do an English unit plan for a year three class and after looking at the QSA standard elaborations I feel as though they all relate to the content desciptors I have chosen! Hopefully the more I delve into the assignment the easier this becomes, and the more it makes sense to me!

I ended up going and doing some further research on rubrics and assessment criteria and found some information which may be of use to those struggling to get their heads around it also.

Week Four – Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = Quality Learning

What an easy method to remember? One thing I really like about this is that it doesn’t matter what your individual philosophy of teaching or pedagogy is, this formula simply states that effective use of curriculum, assessment and effective pedagogy equals quality learning for students. At the end of the day this is our aim and what we should all be striving to achieve.

On another note, I have been reading through the posts of many fellow bloggers and I have and ICT success story worth reading. Here a student has found success using scootle. Interestingly enough I have spoken to many teachers who have never heard of this resource, or many of the resources used in EDC3100. I have found it very exciting to share these resources. Some teachers have mentioned how much easier life has been since they have discovered the world of resources available!